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As we celebrate forty years of helping writers where they are, we welcome you to our new website. Please be patient as we build it out to serve writers better.


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It's here! Experience CWC Book Look 2015 yourself.

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     When it comes to that important core part of you -- your writing -- you'll find you fit right in at the Cisco Writers Club.

     We are friendly, energetic writers determined to improve and achieve. Our monthly meetings, knowledgeable speakers, newsletters, workshops, contests, and other features are great, but our greatest strength is our members. We believe you'll feel right at home immediately.

Next meeting May 7

The Cisco Writers Club (CWC) meets the first Thursday of each month -- May 7, at 7 p.m., at the lobby of the Mobley Hilton, 309 Conrad Hilton Blvd. in Cisco.

     We'll discuss how to improve the CWC Book Look 2016 for next year. We'll share details of our annual Summer Writing Contest, opening June 1. As always, we'll discuss writing, be it books, poetry, news or other form of expression.

     Join us!

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